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New Era of Security Services and Emergency Response

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Magnum Security services

Security definition is “The state of feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety".  We know how important a feeling of security is for your business and people, and that’s why we will ensure to provide that feeling all the time, every day.

If you feel that your current security program needs review or development, please allow us the opportunity to conduct a complementary security assessment for you. The survey will allow us to provide you with an expert analysis of your property's safety and security programs. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your current program and provide recommendations. Furthermore if you are in need of a new program, we can develop an integrated plan to cover your needs.

Whatever your security needs is we can tailor a program to fit your needs, budget and enhance the level of safety and security. We recognize the unique requirements of your property and we are prepared to provide you quality security services.

In a few words you get a "Security program" and not just a "Guard", a “Partner” not “Service Provider”. We pledge all of our company's resources toward the successful operation and protection of you and your property.

Security Services

Magnum Security Services led by seasoned executives, who are experts in their fields and have real practical experience in the industries that we serve, our security officers have a reputation for being professional, prepared, and responsive. 

K9 Services

Our K9 experts main goal is to uplift the existing practices of the K9 Security Service in Egypt. Magnum Security  K9 security teams consist of professional handlers and highly trained dog breeds commonly used as police and guard dogs. 

Risk Management

We’ve worked in all industry & business sectors: multi-nationals, governments, public entities, manufacturers, financial institutions, utilities, resource companies, regulators, contractors & engineers. 


Security Technology

We offer fully integrated, innovative security technology solutions, including designing, consulting, implementation, and maintenance contracts–as full-service or standalone.


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