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Retail and Shopping Malls

We provide high level security services to reduce shrinkage, protect merchandise, property, employees and customers for shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty stores. At Magnum Security Services we understand the importance of providing a positive shopping experience through visible security, customer service and innovative technologies. Through the implementation of a customized loss prevention program we provide a secure shopping environment.

Store Detectives

Magnum Security Services utilities store detectives to minimize shoplifting. They use their observational skills to identify the signs of attempted theft. All of our store detectives often work in plain clothes and as part of a team to back up the uniformed security officers.


Store Detective's duties include:

·        following shoppers who behave suspiciously

·        carrying out searches of suspects

·        calling the police and describing observations

·        taking evidence from witnesses

·        writing short reports

·        giving evidence in court when necessary


Our store detectives can play a vital role in combating shoplifting which could be costing your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds a week. Dressed as a typical customer, the store detective patrols the store monitoring activity and identifying shoplifters. They carry radios and mobile phones and report to our 24/7 Control Center regularly.

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