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Our People

All the members of Magnum Security Services are focused on giving the best services to our clients, putting their security need above everything else, protecting their belongings and their property from all kinds of risks.

We provide our people with a challenging and rewarding environment to help them succeed. Through effective recruitment, comprehensive screening, efficient training and retention practices we offer our clients a selected and dependable security staff.




At Magnum Security Services we use recruitment tools to identify quality employees that have the potential and ability to succeed in the security industry. Through our database, evaluation system and screening we compile a list of candidates that fit the client needs based on experience, leadership, discipline, teamwork and customer service.


All employees are screened to certify qualifications and corroborate their suitability for the job. The screening process confirms that the candidate is an accurate match and will contribute positively to our clients' objectives.
• Background Checks
• Credential & Reference Verification
• Drug Screening
• Criminals Records screening



Following are topics covered in our training based on the property type:

·        Customer Service (Essential)

·        Duties of Security Officer​ (Essential)

·        Code of Conduct ​ (Essential)

·        Physical Security ​ (Essential)

·        Patrol Procedures ​ (Essential)

·        Building Searches

·        Electronic Security/Monitoring Systems (if needed)

·        Report Writing

·        Fire Protection and Safety ​ (Essential)

·        Basic First Aid Certification ​ (Essential)

·        Handling Disruptive People

·        Ethics for Security Professional/Diversity Issues

·        Bomb Threats 

·        Shoplifting Prevention (in retail)

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